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Role of Staff

Staff and the curriculum created will support each child's development and learning as they explore and react to the world around them.  We also aim to assist long term learning skills by promoting the attributes of being a lifelong learner and preparing them for their schooling years.


Singleton Heights Pre-School - Daily Program

The program offered by the centre embraces the national "Early Years Learning Framework” which encompasses the interactions, experiences, routines and events, planned or unplanned, which occur in the pre-school to foster children’s learning and development. The framework highlights five learning outcomes which capture learning and development during early childhood. These outcomes focus on each child’s sense of identity, their connection with and contribution to the world, their sense of wellbeing, their involvement in and confidence to learn and the development of communication.

Educators work with the children to create a documented record of their experiences and development during their time at pre-school. This guides the program cycle which includes planning, documenting and evaluating each child’s learning.

The educational program at Singleton Heights Pre-School is based upon the children's active involvement in a variety of planned and spontaneous activities and experiences.  The curriculum is child initiated and teacher guided allowing children to make their own choices and is based on individual and group interests, needs, ages and strengths.  Every child is a unique person with their own interests, learning style, growth timetable, and culture.  When given the time, space, and environment, a child can ask questions to gain knowledge, construct new ideas and link them to existing knowledge and make sense of their world.

A planned program of activities is offered each day for both the indoor and outdoor environments, which are available for families to read and comment on and these promote the importance of play for learning.  Pre-school is about play. This is a child’s work as they engage in learning relationships, explore and discover, practice, problem solve, reflect, research, negotiate, show respect for our environment and achieve in an environment where all activities / pursuits are developmentally appropriate for children and their learning is supported by experienced, qualified and caring staff who work in partnership with the families.

At each developmental stage there are tasks to be mastered and appropriate curriculum provides opportunities for children to choose activities providing spontaneous skill practice and planned opportunities to develop skills.  We aim to develop:

 1 Self identity, confidence, self esteem & independence
 2 Communication and literacy skills
 3 Creativity, dramatic play and music skills
 4 Critical thinking and problem solving
 5 Cultural awareness
 6 Environment understandings including recycling and sustainability
 7 Health and physical development
 8 Technology and numeracy
 9 Social / emotional skills
10 A sense of belonging
11 Value and acceptance of diversity
12 Appreciation of others
13 Self-help skills
14 School readiness and more

The children are viewed as capable, independent confident and involved learners who come to pre-school with an abundance of skills, knowledge and understandings.  The program caters to interests expressed or shown by the children and their families with a variety of learning centres being incorporated into the environment and program which can be revisited at a later time.  A child’s own interests and excitement will motivate them to learn while educators intentionally provide opportunities to extend on skills and knowledge.  Based on children’s responses and actions, staff will introduce materials, questions and opportunities that encourage the children to explore a topic and while some directions are anticipated, projects often move in unexpected directions.  This curriculum planning and implementation can revolve around open-ended and long term projects.  It is dynamic and ever changing, challenging, fulfilling and interesting.